Breeze and Wig

033   2013-05-27    05   03 Clothes and Accesories            Breeze and Wig (1)

Looking at the back of a naked person it doesn’t seem to be much difference between a man and a woman. Some slight differences in the general shape of the body and perhaps the smoothness of the skin.

What seems to be bigger is the size of the waist and the different width in the shoulder area. As you know, women have a smaller waist and shoulders in relation to their butt, while in men the shoulders are wide, have a straight waist and a proportionally smaller butt.

033   2013-05-27    05   03 Clothes and Accesories            Breeze and Wig (2)

When I take these pictures not only I’m enjoying nudity and the sunshine, but also these pictures help me see how the physical transformation is going. This allows me to decide what I should do next in order to create those slight changes that can help to make a difference.

As you can see, my shoulders are wider than a woman would have, and my waist definitely needs to get free from the “spare tire”! Other than that it seems to me the butt and skin are fairly OK. And the addition of the wig definitely helps to create the idea of looking at a naked woman’s back.

033   2013-05-27    05   03 Clothes and Accesories            Breeze and Wig (3)

I still have problems with this wig, but mostly because I haven’t had time to learn how to use it. Still, that day at the parking lot, while enjoying the sun and the breeze, the sole situation of wearing a wig made me feel like a woman, and somehow the tendency to move like one was automatically there. It is unbelievable how just one accessory (like a wig) can help so much in feeling more feminine.

I guess, so far so good, considering that I barely have time alone to try things and learn to use others like a wig and make up. As you can imagine, to learn to use make up you have to spend hours sitting in front of the mirror trying things, cleaning up, trying again, etc There’s so much that you can take from tutorial videos, but still the final result will depend in your specific face shape, color, condition of the skin, amount of beard you have, etc, so at the end, and armed with all the knowledge you can get from those videos, you still have to experiment to get the best possible for your particular situation, and that takes time alone that I can seldom have.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures; and as always, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!