Taking Risks

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When trying girl clothes at the park, I also wanted to try just the wig and sunglasses and nothing else, to see how much difference it’ll make in looking like a man or a woman. It was important since, using all the available stuff for crossdressers, it shouldn’t be difficult to look like a woman, but without all that aid, and just being naked one would look back like a man, even with a wig.

In these pictures I can see what I need to do in relation to my body shape in order to really look more like a woman, even when naked. Having that information should help big time when dressing as a woman.

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What happens is that, as you probably already noticed, a woman with a good shape can use anything and look good, while a woman (just like a man) in bad shape have to be very careful selecting what to use, and still is not the same.

In these pictures, as you can see, I was risking being caught by the people wondering the park at that moment. You can see some people by the beach at about 100 yards from where I was walking naked. I could easily see what they were wearing, which means they also could easily see I was wearing nothing. I know most people would just smile and don’t get involved, but I’m always afraid of the people that would immediately call the police.

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Now, while I’ll be studying these pictures to make the list of “improvements” needed, you can see the pictures in this post, and the video (in the Videos Tab) from where the pictures were taken. I hope you’ll enjoy them. :)