First Outing

028   2013-05-14    03   03 Clothes and Accesories            First Outing

Last Friday, before going to work, I found myself alone and with one free hour. The temperature was nice in a sunny day, so in a quick thought I decide to try my first outing to a public place dressing as a girl.

It was crazy since I hadn’t shave yet, but still I grabbed the clothes and drove to the lake to an empty parking lot. Once there I got out of the car, took all my clothes off and put on the girl clothes I had with me, including the wig.

At first I was a little scared to be seen since, as I mentioned, I didn’t shave my face (no time) and a girl with a beard is not exactly what people expect to see. Still, I set the camera in my vehicle and went for a quick walk.

It wasn’t anything big, and I definitely didn’t really look like a girl, but for a brief moment I had the opportunity to try and see how it feels. Now I know that, even though there is a lot of work to do, still something can be achieved and enjoyed. :)

This picture is only one of the many I took at that moment. I also tried wearing only the wig and nothing else (naked), so I’ll publish some of those pictures and videos next.