Night Nudist Walk



Temperatures at 2 O’clock in the morning are not so bad these days…around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (about 4 degrees Celsius), although lately there has been a strong breeze at that time that really makes it cold to be naked in the outdoors. But pretty soon, once completely in summertime, the breeze will become warm and inviting with temperatures around 60 degrees. When that time comes around, I’ll be back by the park at 2 O’clock in the mornings, taking my usual night naked walk!

What I do is drive to a solitary parking spot close to a paved trail. Then, after making sure nobody is around, step out of my vehicle, get completely naked and leave for a walk. The only thing I carry with me is the car keys, so I can get back inside when coming back from the walk.

It’s not just walking naked, but also not having anything in my hands, so I can really feel my nudity. There is a strange pleasure in being naked, far away from the safety of my car and my clothing, completely alone in nature! It really makes me feel a human being that left behind society and civilization to become a real human being…pure and unspoiled by our comforts and problems.

In those nights, when the area is empty and the temperatures warm enough, I walk the trail for about fifteen to twenty minutes before turning around and starting the walk back. It makes for a nice walk, although I have to keep concentration in being aware of the surroundings for any possible trouble, and not loose my attention by getting lost in my own thoughts.

Other times, when there is a full moon, I like to take the dirt trail that goes through the woods. The full moon gives enough light to walk without having to hold a flashlight, and also provides a better view of the trees and the trail that otherwise would be to dark to see.

If you happen to be in one of those trails at 2 O’clock in the morning, and suddenly find yourself face to face with a naked man don’t be scared, it’s not a crazy man (well, somehow maybe) or an unknown wild creature…it’s just me enjoying my night naked walk.