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A Man’s Cock

037   2013-05-31    06   06 Fiction Stories                            A Man's Cock


We are standing, facing each other, saying nothing. Then I take all my clothes off and get completely naked in front of him. He has his clothes on while I’m naked. I’m surrendering my body and giving it to him! He is standing in front of me while I kneel before him, facing him and with my legs apart. I open his pants and pull them down to then pull his underwear to reveal his cock, his power, his might, his beauty…

To have a man’s cock…Gently hold it in my hands and sweetly kiss it all around, carefully rub it against my face and feel it touching my nose, eyes, ears…Then slowly introduce it in my mouth to give it a wet and warm welcome. Touch it with my tongue while applying soft pressure with my lips. Get it deeper in my mouth to feel a man’s power within me, while I close my eyes and move my hands to my back.

Kneeled in front of him with legs apart; naked, eyes closed and my hands in my back, while his mighty cock is in my mouth and I’m surrendering to my master…He grabs my hair with both hands and holds my head still…He starts trusting his dick in my mouth…He becomes stronger and mightier…He keeps going until he can’t hold it anymore…He takes me and makes me his for his pleasure…He cum in my mouth his mighty load! I’m his possession, his slave for that moment. I’m thankful to him for taking me, for using me. I’m happy that he chose me as his toy to play with.

I loose my hands from my back and touch his cock again. Gently holding it while I clean it with my tongue and my lips using soft movements of my head and careful movements of my lips and tongue to get my master’s cock very clean. Then I open my eyes and get his cock out of my mouth to slowly move backwards and seat in my legs still keeling. I look at my master from below and smile at him. I see his face showing he got the sexual relief he wanted, so I’m happy!




036   2013-05-30    06   01 Psychology and Mind                Vulnerability (1)

Being in the position shown in these pictures makes me feel very vulnerable, yet it is so special that it makes me get horny and aroused extremely fast! Perhaps is the fact that we tend to associate this position with being fucked, which means being taken and used by another man for his own pleasure. Every time I get in this position, especially if it is in the outdoors, I feel so small, so vulnerable, and like giving up myself for others to have fun at my expense.

If I get in this position while being alone in my bedroom, just the fact of being like this gets me aroused in a flash. If I get in this position while in the outdoors like in these pictures, not only I get aroused in a flash, but also my heart beats at a faster pace due to knowing that I don’t know if there is someone hiding while watching me, and planning to attack me by surprise to fuck me!

I can’t deny that the thought of being watched and desired add lots more to the feelings of pleasure and to the arousal, and even though the thought of being attacked adds mostly the sense of vulnerability and a certain feeling of fear, still is very enticing! Perhaps that fear is one of the things that add more due to give the feeling of surrendering oneself to another man, which basically would be the feeling of becoming a sexual slave!

036   2013-05-30    06   01 Psychology and Mind                Vulnerability (2)

When analyzing these feelings I can only conclude that it is to feel like a woman since I believe a man wouldn’t like to be fucked, but by the opposite, he would definitely prefer to be the one fucking. When I analyze myself I can conclude that in some instances I want to be the one fucking, yet in others I really want to be the one being fucked.

When watching pictures of naked men the direction of the desire would depend in what’s in the picture. If the man portrayed is one with a very feminine look, a smooth skin, a slim body, and in a position like this, my male part comes out pretty quick and wants to fuck that sweet ass. If the man in the picture is hairy, and with a nice cock (doesn’t matter the size of the cock or the belly and how old he is) then my female part comes out and makes me want to drop to my knees and start sucking his cock, and then turn around to this position to be his and to let him take me, fuck me and use me as he wants.

Now, I still haven’t been fucked and definitely want to try it! Just the thought of being taken by another man and penetrating me while holding me tight with strong arms and feeling his agitated breath in my neck, like a wolf feasting in its prey, makes me really horny! My only concern right now, and that stop me from going out to a public street completely naked screaming “Somebody fuck me please!” is the strong possibility of pain, bleeding and contracting an infection (well, to be honest I wouldn’t go out to a public street completely naked screaming “Fuck me, fuck me”) LOL

036   2013-05-30    06   01 Psychology and Mind                Vulnerability (3)

But I do want to try it and perhaps it is mostly a matter of finding a man willing to take it slowly and in a caring way: A man that would take his time and would treat me as a woman. Then I would feel as a woman for him and will enjoy giving up myself for his pleasure.

Oh well, I guess there must be so many men in my same situation that are getting nothing or very little. So I’ll continue to change my physical appearance to the one of a woman in hopes that at some point an older man would step up and say “I’ll fuck you”!

Now I understand when some gurls insist they want to be a little whore for someone!  :)



Public Toilet

035   2013-05-29    06   04 Trips and Adventures               Public Toilet

A couple of years ago, when just beginning to do nudity and taking pictures, I found myself in a situation that was really tempting to do a nude shot and I had to try it! It was like an impulse that I simply couldn’t control anymore. The conditions where all there for me to give it a try and experience the situation

I parked my vehicle close to the entrance and close to the public bathrooms; them proceeded to take all my clothes off in the back seat of the car and put on just the essentials: pants, T shirt and tennis shoes, then walked out of the vehicle carrying with me just the keys and the camera.

I went to the public restrooms and checked that nobody was around, like it supposes to be at 3 O’clock in the morning, then took a look inside and out to make sure there was no surveillance system in place.

After verifying that all was clear, and with my heart racing in anticipation I proceeded to go back inside and find a toilet that was clean enough to hold my clothing; then, and after several seconds of indecision, I proceeded to take all my clothes off and get completely naked.

At first I didn’t want to move away from my clothes in case someone appears and I had to put on everything in a hurry, but after a couple of minutes I started to feel more confident due to the silence and lack of movement everywhere.

Then I looked around trying to find an appropriated surface where to set the camera to start taking pictures. After a couple of minutes I found one and set the camera to auto shot (the one that gives you 10 seconds to pose before shooting) and stood in front of the urinary like I was using it and waited for the camera to snap a shot; then I went to check the picture and repeated the process several times to make sure it’ll be a picture good enough where people could clearly see that I was naked in a public restroom.

Some people like to write their name on the wall of places they have been, but that doesn’t appeal to me: “Angel Was Here” doesn’t make any sense to me, instead, I like to have a picture of me naked to remember the place, the moment, and the feeling at the time of taking that picture.

I know I’m crazy! LOL



The Stranger

034   2013-05-28    05   06 Fiction Stories                           The Stranger


Being so tired that afternoon, and in such a hot day, I just decided to lay in bed completely naked for just a moment to relax. I could hear vague noises coming from the outside through the open window, which allowed also some warm breeze to touch my skin in a gentle way that I was pretty much enjoying, and after just a couple of minutes I entered a state of relaxation that made me be like half asleep and half awake, in a dreaming state.

Suddenly I heard the front door knob move and immediately thought of someone trying to get in the house, but I was so relaxed that, instead of getting up and checking the door, I just decided to remain there listening for any other sound that might force me to take some action. The door was pushed open, I could hear it, and steps were felt in the living room. They were aimed to the bedroom where I was, and a sudden chill came down my spine. I wasn’t waiting for anybody to visit me, and I live alone!

I could feel the presence of someone standing by the open door of the bedroom, looking at me, breathing, saying no words at all. I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if it was real, so in that confusion, together with my tiredness, I just decided to remain in bed without moving and waiting to see what happened. How stupid of me! What if the one standing there was a thief or someone looking to attack an unaware victim? But at the other hand, I wasn’t sure if I was just dreaming the whole thing.

Still, there was something about that situation that I couldn’t disregard. It was a pleasant one! Just the thought of being observed without restrictions made me feel horny somehow. I could imagine someone standing there, running eyes and thoughts over my skin, taking time to enjoy any part of my body that might be pleasant to play with, and then keep going throughout the entire body for personal pleasure, which gave me my own personal pleasure. So I let the one there take me with avid eyes while I surrender my will to whatever might come next.

Then I heard steps in the room and realized the one standing there decided to move closer, probably to add tactile to the sight experience. The steps stopped and I knew the stranger was standing by my feet, looking at me and getting ready for the next move. I felt hands in my feet and a new shiver came down my spine because of not knowing what would be next. What if the stranger was getting ready to hold me down to then proceed to attack, with me unable to defend myself? But instead the hands started to softly run up over my legs, gently touching with a very smooth movement of palms and fingers; gently squeezing.

I was in heaven!

The gently touch was sending pleasant shivers throughout my entire body and I simply couldn’t move to stop it. Then the hands reached my butt and started squeezing again and running in a circular motion to grab every inch of skin. I started to moan in pleasure! Maybe my reaction gave the stranger the signal that everything was allowed at that moment, so I could feel weight pressed on the bed and imagined the stranger was kneeling over me with each knee in each side of my laying body. Then the hands run over my back and I could imagine the movement of the stranger’s body slowly going down and over mine.

I felt a thick, long dick in my butt and then a man’s chest pressing my back against the bed. Then two strong arms surrounded me by both sides and held me tight, without any chance to move. Breathing in my neck, a dick in my butt and two arms holding me strong to prevent me from escaping, which I didn’t intend to do anyway! The stranger started to thrust my butt while his breathing became faster and heavier; I just let him and enjoyed the moment of being taken by a strong man.

After just a couple of minutes the stranger’s body started to shake strongly and, while biting my neck, I felt him cum in my butt. He relaxed after that and at the same time his breathing became slower, I felt some sweet kisses in my neck, the stranger lifted himself out of bed and gave me a final run of his hands over my body, to finish with a slight spank in my butt. I heard steps leaving the room, going through the living room and then the front door closing. I relaxed and, with a smile, fell asleep.

How long after that I woke up I don’t know, but the memory of something real or a dream remained and made me feel in a very good mood. So I got out of bed and went to check the door to see if it was just a dream or if I really got the visit of a sweet stranger. The door was closed and locked from the inside, just as I left it.

I couldn’t believe it was just my imagination! It felt so real and pleasant!

So decide to take a shower and resume my day after that, but the strangest of all things is that, even though the door was locked from the inside, there was nothing out of place, even the bed didn’t have signs of more than one person laying there…I had cum in my butt! My only conclusion is that it might have been a ghost! One that somehow materialized to enjoy the pleasures of sex and I was his willing victim. I really don’t know for sure what happened, but since then I started to take a nap completely naked everyday in the afternoon…just in case!



Breeze and Wig

033   2013-05-27    05   03 Clothes and Accesories            Breeze and Wig (1)

Looking at the back of a naked person it doesn’t seem to be much difference between a man and a woman. Some slight differences in the general shape of the body and perhaps the smoothness of the skin.

What seems to be bigger is the size of the waist and the different width in the shoulder area. As you know, women have a smaller waist and shoulders in relation to their butt, while in men the shoulders are wide, have a straight waist and a proportionally smaller butt.

033   2013-05-27    05   03 Clothes and Accesories            Breeze and Wig (2)

When I take these pictures not only I’m enjoying nudity and the sunshine, but also these pictures help me see how the physical transformation is going. This allows me to decide what I should do next in order to create those slight changes that can help to make a difference.

As you can see, my shoulders are wider than a woman would have, and my waist definitely needs to get free from the “spare tire”! Other than that it seems to me the butt and skin are fairly OK. And the addition of the wig definitely helps to create the idea of looking at a naked woman’s back.

033   2013-05-27    05   03 Clothes and Accesories            Breeze and Wig (3)

I still have problems with this wig, but mostly because I haven’t had time to learn how to use it. Still, that day at the parking lot, while enjoying the sun and the breeze, the sole situation of wearing a wig made me feel like a woman, and somehow the tendency to move like one was automatically there. It is unbelievable how just one accessory (like a wig) can help so much in feeling more feminine.

I guess, so far so good, considering that I barely have time alone to try things and learn to use others like a wig and make up. As you can imagine, to learn to use make up you have to spend hours sitting in front of the mirror trying things, cleaning up, trying again, etc There’s so much that you can take from tutorial videos, but still the final result will depend in your specific face shape, color, condition of the skin, amount of beard you have, etc, so at the end, and armed with all the knowledge you can get from those videos, you still have to experiment to get the best possible for your particular situation, and that takes time alone that I can seldom have.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures; and as always, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!