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Why it is so difficult for some people to see beyond the physical? I can understand the eyes are physical elements that are designed to capture the images of physical objects projected through light. I can understand we need references to create guidelines and rules, and obviously the physical is an easy way to classify everything, including people. But we know the down side of that: Discrimination and segregation that leads to violence and death, or at least people living miserable lives.

“If you have a different skin color than mine then you should be different than me”
“If you walk with the poor then you must be poor”
“If you drive an expensive car you must be wealthy” (Even if you’re drowning in debt)
“If you have male genitals you have to be a man”

People tend to consider as the truth what they see in a first instance, without taking in consideration the elements that are an integral part of the whole. That’s why so many people is in deep debt, trying to live like a millionaire to show others how well are they doing in life, and others tend to believe it, feel a sort of envy and need of competition, thus falling into the same game. How long did it take for people to realize that even though skin color could be different, it didn’t imply any difference in capabilities and/or intelligence but just characteristics?

When it comes to see the sexual feelings of people, we still have the problem of seeing others and assigning their sexuality by their sex parts and not by how they feel. We all know of men who feel as a woman and dream of being treated as a woman, and even though we can say I understand, we also know all the violence and discrimination they have to suffer in their lives. People still see others by their physical appearance rather than seeing the human being inside.

I guess being an Aspie makes a difference because when a man tells me he feels as a woman I can see the woman he is. In those cases what I see is a woman with the shape that is usually assigned to a male in society, but that for me is just her personal characteristic, like when a woman is blonde or tall or skinny.

In the past I’ve met a couple of guys who felt like a woman and I saw them as women, even in their “society male skin” and it really intrigues me why most people just cannot do the same and simply lie saying “yes, I understand” but their actions prove the opposite.

In my opinion, as long as we as a society remain classifying others just by their physical characteristics, with complete disregard of the thoughts and feelings of the person, we will remain a segregationist race that cannot get rid of all the different forms of discrimination.

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