Silicone Boobs

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As a woman I have very small boobs I know, but at least I got something, and to be honest, I like it that way. It is sort of the perfect size to have some when in my female roll, and easy to conceal when in my male roll, and it’s me.

The reason that I say this is that I’ve been looking at stuff for crossdressers in the internet and found silicone boobs, silicone vaginas and silicone padding for hips. It is interesting and somehow appealing since those things should help to get a more feminine body. What still doesn’t convince me is what happens when you go to bed with a man; do you have to remove everything? But in that case the man might feel cheated, even if he knows before hand she is a crossdresser. Do you leave everything as it is? But in that case the man is grabbing silicone instead of woman skin, and the woman doesn’t feel the man’s hands in her body.

Confusing! All I know is that I really love to feel a man’s hands in my skin and running all over my body, so in that situation silicone enhancements wouldn’t be of any help, other than for going out walking a street as a woman and looking as a woman, without the intention of getting sex, but just to enjoy being a woman (which by itself is a very enticing thing for me!).

So I guess I would have to wait and see, and probably I might consider in the future getting some of that stuff just for the purpose of going out as a woman, but as a completely separated thing of going to bed with a man.

What is your opinion on that? Do you like silicone enhancements? Do you use them? If so, what is your experience on that?