An Angel For Someone

019   2013-04-09    03   04 Trips and Adventures              An Angel For Someone


I want to be a little angel for someone! I want that man to think of me as his sweet creature, that he wants to hug and kiss and touch, because this little creature brings him sweetness and care to his life and to his body.

I want to kiss him very sweetly in his lips and entire body, softly touching every inch of his skin with my hands and my smooth, shaved face. Play with his cock; kiss it, suck it and rub it in my face. Cuddle in his chest and purr like a happy kitten, while I softly touch his skin with my fingers, and move my body to let him know that I am a willing creature, and that I am his. Talking to him in the smoothest and sweetest voice I can make, while using my softest gestures.

I want this man to treat me with sweetness and care, like to a fragile creature that can be too easily destroyed. To touch me and softly run his hand and lips throughout my entire body, especially when I lay face down. Play with my butt touching, kissing and squeezing, until his desire of relief by fucking this sweet, little creature takes over.

Then I want to feel him over me, laying his weight over my body and start rubbing his cock in my butt while holding me from my chest with his arms and hands and breathing in my neck, like a wolf feasting in his prey. Then I’ll remain compliant, enjoying being my wolf’s meal. Smoothly twisting and moving my body and my butt under his cock, to make him feel he is desired and in control.

I want to feel he becomes stronger and mightier over me, holding me tighter while he let himself loose to the sexual desire of completely owning that little creature…his possession! Then feel his strong shaking while releasing his juices in my butt and between my legs, until he relaxes and rest for a moment over my body, as I feel his breathing become calmed once again.

Then, when he moves aside to rest on his back, I’ll turn around and hug him from the side leaning my head in his shoulder while kissing his neck and cheeks, at the same time that I rest my leg over his legs and sweetly run my hand over his chest and body, and purring like a kitten to show him that his sweet little creature is happy and loves him.

I don’t ask from him to be his only one or faithfulness from his part, just like I don’t require that we become a couple in a long term relationship. He can be free to do his life while I’ll do mine, and only in those moments when we get together for a couple of hours of play, we will be just for the other, giving everything of ourselves to our momentary loved one.

Unfortunately, this would work for a man who wants a sweet girl rather than another man; maybe a young boy still could make it, but for someone like me that don’t have the shape and look of a woman it’ll be really difficult (sigh!), but I’ll keep working on that, trying to reach the best shape and look I can for him to enjoy, and so I can enjoy this dreamed adventure.