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Since my main goal is to be able to switch completely to being a woman when living temporarily my female side, one of the biggest barriers I have to overcome is how do I get breasts in order to wear female clothing in public. I know there are “filling” that can be used, but those really limit the kind of clothing that can be used in summer time to “closed” articles like T shirts and sweaters.

After watching a couple of videos in YouTube I learned that an optical illusion can be created with make-up in one’s chest, to give the impression of having breasts, and I guess that could be a good solution for a couple of hours and if one is willing to look like a woman with small breasts.

There are also prosthetic breasts that can be worn, and that will give the size and shape, especially when wearing clothes, but the problem is that those will work only “without being touched” and it’ll be interesting to have breasts in bed when making love; or at least let’s say, I love to feel the touch of hands in my body, and that includes my chest.

The other alternative I’ve heard of is temporary saline implants, which basically is injecting a saline solution in one’s chest to augment the breasts with it, and that will last for a couple of hours, until the saline solution is absorbed by the body.

I’ll see what I can do, but in the meantime, being about 10 pounds over my ideal weight (150 lb) help me to have some to enjoy. Obviously as soon as I loose those extra pounds, the problem will be even more evident.

Do you think by now my chest does give the appearance of having female breasts? If we were to have an encounter in bed, do you think you might feel them like if they were a decent substitute of the real thing?

I posted a video that can help you decide. Please give me your opinion OK? Thank you!