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Weird enough, a couple of days ago I registered a YouTube channel for me, and behold…it is called: “AwryAngel” Duh!

Is not like I’ll switch to go video only, but rather sort of expand the possibilities of this blog by having the opportunity to post some videos from time to time. Still I have to be very careful in what kind of videos I post to prevent being kicked out of YouTube for “indecent” LOL

At the other hand, it seems that everyday they are less and less restrictive about what can be posted; at least I subscribed to a couple of channels of gay guys teaching how to do cross dressing, which I believe a couple of years ago wouldn’t be allowed because of being considered not appropriate for a young audience. So I’m hoping they won’t ban my videos, and little by little I’ll be going for more “aggressive” ones, while testing the waters so not to drown in my own recklessness.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see how long my videos there will last before somebody flags them, or YouTube ban them. Would you like to make a bet? I say 24 to 48 hours.