Female Characteristics


It is not just that I feel like a woman when in my 20 percent, but there are also several things that, even though not necessarily have something to do with it, still make me think if might be some sort of connection.

You see, I have a couple of physical characteristics that make me think that maybe I supposed to be a woman instead of a man, for instance:

1- A woman’s butt is proportionally bigger in relation to her height and body size compared with a man’s butt. A man’s butt usually is one of his smaller parts in his body in proportion to his height and size. In my case my butt is proportionally bigger compared with the butt of a man my same height, size and weight…it is more like a woman’s butt!


015   2013-03-29    04   01 Psychology and Mind              Female Characteristics 1 (butt)


2- My cock is one of the smallest around (about 4 inches aroused) when comparing with those other guys in gay dating sites like OutPersonals. Not only is smaller, but also is a grower, which means when not aroused it becomes really small, to about one (1) inch! (And my eight is 5’ 7”). If you take a look at the picture in the fiction story “Caught by Police” you’ll see how small it looks when not aroused.


015   2013-03-29    04   01 Psychology and Mind              Female Characteristics 2 (small cock)


3- My cock is really sensitive to touch, to the point of pain with just a slight handling. I cannot stand someone masturbating me with a hand because it is really painful, even if I’m really horny at that moment. And even a slight touch to the head when the skin is pulled back feels like touching a wound with a finger! And the same happens when being sucked by someone else; it has to be really smooth sucking and with the skin covering the head in order not to feel pain. It is like it wasn’t supposed to be used! But what is a man without a working cock? So it makes me think sometimes that it is more like an appendix that shouldn’t be there!

4- The same with my balls. It is really painful when someone else handles them. They are extremely sensitive to the touch so even if someone softly sucks them I still feel pain. Again, like they shouldn’t be there either since, what’s the point of having a part that cannot be used!


015   2013-03-29    04   01 Psychology and Mind              Female Characteristics 3 (cock head)


5- My hands are smaller than normal in proportion to my body when compared with other men, and even though my work is in assembly, and in my days off I do lots of repair work in my vehicles and around the house, they haven’t grow like I can see in other men my eight and weight that also use their hands all the time. You can see in the picture how they look. Many times when people look at my hands they don’t believe me that I’ve rebuilt several engines and changed the house roof.




6- My voice, although not with a female sound, it is not deep and I’ve never been able to speak loud, and till today I cannot scream. People complain that they can’t hear me because (they say) I speak too quietly. So it is definitely not a manly voice.

7- I’ve always been extremely sensitive and can be easily hurt in my feelings. Just one word or a face expression you make and I feel like a knife in my heart, and the desire to cry come to me immediately, just like anyone would expect from a woman. I did cry a lot for hurt feelings when growing up, and tears always come out in big quantities.

I even cry in the positive side, like when happy or when seeing something tender on TV or the outdoors, like a bird flying or a rabbit running around. And I do cry a lot with the music of many songs, even if I don’t understand the lyrics! I’m just extremely sensitive and easily hurt or made happy with very little things that wouldn’t affect most men.

Obviously with the years I’ve learned to keep my feelings inside and not to show them easily so to avoid society criticism, but even though in the outside there is a cold face that doesn’t twitch, in the inside there could be the feelings of fire or ice.

8- I don’t know why, but all my married life, when in bed with my wife, I tend to lean in her shoulder rather than having her leaning in mine, like it would be expected in any normal situation. I just need to have the feeling of protection when in bed, and so I lean in my lover’s shoulder while feeling fragile.

At the other hand, my shoulders are wide and in a man’s proportion rather than a woman’s proportion. And body hair? Damn it! From that perspective I should be a monkey! Just take a look at the picture below…that’s the way I looked for many years, until decided to shave it about two months ago.


015   2013-03-29    04   01 Psychology and Mind              Female Characteristics  5 (Body Hair)


Also, even though I have the sensitivity of a woman, I also have a strong tendency to logic, and to observe, analyze, keep statistics, organization, etc.

So these things make me think that maybe I’m sort of a hybrid creature that is part man (mostly) and part woman (and perhaps part monkey…just kidding!). And from this perspective is why the concept of 80 percent man and 20 percent woman was born.

Now, I have to admit that those were the number I considered before having experienced a moment in bed as a woman, as I described in my last encounter with “M”: “Being a Woman”. Those numbers might change since I really enjoyed that moment of sex as a woman, and I didn’t even experienced the feeling of being penetrated by a man, which is something I haven’t had yet, but definitely want to try; so those numbers could go to 50/50.

Do you think those characteristics I mention could be a sign of carrying a woman inside?
Or maybe they are just a coincidence and have no meaning at all?
If you are a CD or a T girl, do you have natural female characteristics?

Please let me know because I want to learn about these feelings and characteristics.   :)