Wig Problems

014   2013-03-28    02   03 Clothes and Accesories           Wig Problems


I really like this wig…the color, the length, the texture, but is my first wig. I never had and used one before, so don’t know how to put it on, how to secure it in place, how to comb it to make it look like in the picture of the package it came in, etc.

Seems to me that in my intention of really looking like a woman a wig is a must, yet without knowing how to use it, it’ll take me a while to get all the advantages of owning it. And I watch with a sort of envy when seeing those CD’s and T girls wearing wigs that give them such a great look. Unfortunately I haven’t being able to connect with them to get their advice, not only in how to use a wig, but also in all things related to make-up, that I will definitely have to use to cover up the darkness of my shaved face.

After lots of observation, what make the biggest difference between a man and a woman in a face picture seems to be the length of the hair and the smoothness and skin color of the face, followed by the size and shape of the eyebrows, although the eyebrows can be thick, judging by my sister’s face. She doesn’t touch her eyebrows, yet you wouldn’t mistake her for a man; she clearly is a woman, and an attractive one! So I’m using the reference of her face to see what changes I have to make in mine.

In the meantime I’ll keep searching for tips on how to wear a wig and make-up to improve my face in the pictures first, and then “live”

If you are a Cross-Dresser or a T girl, please give me some tips, will you?

Thank you    :)