Being a Woman

013   2013-03-27    03   05 Dates and Encounters            Being a Woman

As I’ve mentioned before, I am about 20 percent a straight woman that like men, and this site is to keep a log of my exploration of that 20 percent. Today I had the opportunity to feel as a woman!

I was a little early to the reunion point at the parking lot, but it was good since “M” also showed up a little earlier, which gave us some extra minutes to play. Still I was nervous for how things will go, even though this one wasn’t the first encounter, but I’ve been wanting to be more feminine for him and had sort of planned a couple of things I could do to give “M” more pleasure, and wasn’t sure if those things would be well received.

I started the night before with a complete body shave to have a very smooth skin that should be pleasant to touch; and I shaved the night before because since having so much natural body hair, my skin gets very irritated when shaving.

The first time I did it I simply couldn’t sleep all night because all my body was red and the contact of the sheets with my skin created an unbearable pain! I had to go outside to the backyard completely naked at 2 O’clock in the morning with temperatures of around 20 degrees F (about -7 Celsius) to “cool down” my skin!

This time I was very careful so didn’t get a too much irritated skin. I was able to sleep about two hours, and the next day my skin was back to normal, so I could go to the meet with a smooth body that could be touched without feeling pain but only pleasure. I say smooth, but the truth is that I just can’t get a very good body shave since I simply cannot reach my back with the razor, and also having so much hair, it is thick and difficult to get a very nice shave. Still, it was fairly good and smooth.

By the time we were in bed, quickly “M” went for my cock and started to suck it, which is not really what I’m looking for since, while trying to be a woman, I prefer my man not to play with my male parts but rather with my butt and body, which I can try to make them look more like of a woman. Still, I let him since it seemed to be of pleasure for him, and my main goal was to give him pleasure in any way he wanted.

Just a couple of minutes later the roles were inverted and I was all over his delicious cock! Touching it, kissing it, playing it with my tongue, rubbing it in my face and sucking it all I could, while being face down by his side, moving my body and butt in a teasing way, while he was playing with it and sweetly running his hands all over me…heaven!

By the time he was aroused I asked him to ejaculate in my mouth, so I could taste his cum while giving him sexual relief. It was such an amazing experience to feel his body all energized and wanting to get off when I was sucking his cock! Then the explosion in my mouth and the warm juices filling me up, which I happily swallowed, to then clean up his cock with my tongue, and then giving him time to rest while I continued softly kissing and playing with his delicious male parts.

A couple of minutes later I turned around in bed and went to his right side; he was on his back and so I lay my head in his shoulder while he was hugging me with his right arm. I was running my hand over his chest, while rubbing my leg over his legs, kissing his neck and slightly moving all my body to make him feel desired, while he could feel me happy.

And I was very happy!

For such a long time I wanted to be a woman for a man, and in all my previous encounters with other men they wanted to be with another man instead of a woman, so I never was able to try that feeling that so much wanted to have. But today I finally had that experience! Had the opportunity to try my best to give pleasure to my man, while he gave me pleasure by taking me and owning me for a moment; and then letting me rest by his side as a happy woman with her beloved man.

I know there wasn’t really love involved, and for “M” he also enjoyed sucking and playing with my male parts too, but still he gave me the opportunity to feel as a woman for a moment while being a man for me, and I couldn’t be happier and more thankful to him for being so nice and caring with me!