Caught by Police



The road was empty and no sounds or lights could be seen; I walked for several minutes enjoying the night in complete nudity when, suddenly and out of nowhere, the lights of a police car turned on and flooded the area.

It seemed the police officer saw me when I started walking and followed me with all lights off and without accelerating the engine so no noises could be heard by me in my walk.

I was paralyzed in fear when the lights came on out of nowhere and without any warning; there was no place to run and hide for me and the only thing I did was just stop walking, turn around and wait for the officer to say something.

There were no movements; no doors being open in the car; only the flashing lights from the roof of the police vehicle. I didn’t know if the officer was calling on the radio to verify something, calling for reinforcements, or simply checking me out from inside his vehicle. It seemed like an eternity and all kind of thoughts were going inside my head; from the scary thoughts of all the consequences of being arrested; my name and picture in the internet as a “sexual offender”, etc, etc, to the funny thought of using the strong and colored flashing lights in that dark night as if it was a night club, and I was on stage, naked, performing for an all male audience, and start dancing an erotic dance for my only spectator, the police officer. Obviously I didn’t do that.

Since there were no movements, I started to think that maybe the officer was Gay or Bi, and was using his authority to keep me there, naked, under his lights for a moment of personal enjoyment. Then occurred to me that he might be taking pictures and videos, and I know some police cars have a video system in place that keeps recording everything in front of the vehicle. Those are the videos we can see on TV about car chases and crimes in those police reality shows. So what if he was doing something like that and later I could be in TV and the internet in a negative way? Shivers went down my spine!

After probably about five minutes waiting there but that seemed an eternity, I could hear a door being open and saw a silhouette getting out of the car. My hopes were that the officer was Gay or Bi, so we could “arrange” a solution to the situation. I was willing to do anything the officer asked me, as long as I could get out of there without being arrested. To my surprise, and with the feeling of receiving a bucket of cold water without warning, I saw the officer was a female! Immediately I thought: “It’s over!”

The police officer, a woman in her thirties, blonde hair, kind of slightly muscular and with her uniform perfectly neat, walked to the front of the car, leaned in the front grill and crossed her arms and legs as waiting for something to happen, just to remain there for what seemed to me an eternity, looking at me from head to toe without saying a single word. Obviously I didn’t feel in the position of pressing the situation so remained silent, waiting for her to speak first.

After several minutes of looking at me while I was standing there, naked, like a prisoner depending on the mood of the guard, she asked in a calmed voice: “What are you doing?” and I could sense a tone of sarcasm in her voice.

“Just having a naturist walk” I answered in a low, slightly shaking voice.

“This is a public park, not a nudist resort”

“I know, but since it was 2 O’clock in the morning, and nobody is around at this time of the night, I thought it’ll be OK if I took a short naturist walk”

“It doesn’t matter if nobody else is here; it is still a public place, and is illegal to do what you’re doing. You know I should arrest you”

For a brief moment I had a flash thought that maybe everything would be alright. She said “I should” instead of “I will”, and all the time she took to come out of the car and then standing there looking at me, it all seemed like she had already decided to let me go, but wanted to have some fun first. I decided to press my luck and told her: “Don’t worry; I’ll go get my clothes and leave the park at once”

She didn’t answer but instead remained silent, looking at me. After another long wait that seemed like an eternity, she said: “Go” while doing a slight movement with her head. It took me a couple of seconds to process and react, and then quickly started my walk back to where I left my clothes. By the time I was walking by the side of the police car, without stopping, I turned around and told her “Thanks!”

It was difficult to walk since my legs were shaking and my breathing agitated, so I took several deep breaths to try and calm myself while reaching the spot where my clothes were waiting for me. Once there I quickly put them on, jumped into my car and drove away. I didn’t see the police car since I left the area where I was caught, but still worried about possible consequences, just drove away back to my place.

I don’t know if she was just having fun for a moment. Maybe she has a video that is using to show everyone in the police station to have a good laugh. Maybe now I am part of the police training on how to deal with crazy people an officer can encounter when patrolling at night. Maybe soon I’ll see myself on TV in one of those police reality show. The possibilities scare me! But at least I wasn’t arrested and so far nothing has happened, so it’ll remain a mystery for me what was going through the officer’s mind at that moment, and what made her take the decision of letting me go. But whatever it was, I’m happy for the outcome; and most definitely I’ll be a lot more careful next time!