011   2013-03-25    02   05 Dates and Encounters            Kendra


He was waiting for me with the front door open. When I arrived he called me and told me to just get in and then lock the door. After I was inside the house, I caught a glimpse of his black, very short dress, that allowed to see his butt and back. He made a quick gesture with his hand to follow him and disappeared behind a wall. I followed him through the house to the basement, to a small bedroom that was dimly illuminated and had loud, romantic music. Once both inside he turned around and faced me in the low light. I could see a beautiful silhouette in a sexy dress, and a beautiful smile. He wasn’t a man anymore, but a beautiful, sexy girl.

We supposed to talk only in this first encounter, but it was clear that she wanted more, so I slid my arms around her waist and got closer to her. She didn’t say a word, but looked to my lips, inviting a kiss. I kissed her and got a first taste of heaven.

The loud, romantic music and the dim lights created the perfect atmosphere of an encounter at night in a club, rather than a visit at ten o’clock in the morning in a village house, yet the moment was perfect, and I didn’t want to spoil it.

We kissed with passion, and little by little her clothes started to slide down her beautiful and slim body. I touched her skin and shivers went all through me in anticipation of what seemed to become a wonderful experience.

I touched her breasts and kissed her neck, while feeling her slight movements throughout her entire body. Then we removed the rest of our clothing and went to bed. I could see her beautiful, naked body and thought for a moment how lucky I was to have an encounter with such a beautiful creature after so many years of loneliness.

We kissed with passion while our hands explored each other’s body. I went down her skin with sweet kisses and she was moaning in pleasure. Then she turned around and stayed face down in bed, so I went up her body with my hands and lips, kissing and sweet biting that smooth skin. I could feel my cock in her butt and her delicate body sweetly moving under mine. She definitely was a woman, with a female body and the wrong genitals, not a man!

We made love for about two hours but it seemed just five minutes, and then the time for a married man to go back to his sexless life of acquired responsibilities.

I didn’t want to leave her! It seemed to me like I’ve found the girl of my dreams, and I didn’t care if she had the sex of a man; to me she was the most sexy and beautiful girl I’ve ever been with in my life! The walk back to the front door was interrupted several times for another kiss, and then into my vehicle to drive away.

Driving back I stopped by a coffee shop to have an iced drink and a cigarette, while spending some time thinking about how lucky I was to have found this sweet, beautiful and sexy girl.

We still had a second encounter, and it was wonderful just as the first! Her sweet voice and girly manners in a beautiful and slim body that showed me the woman she is. I was amazed at how feminine she could be, in a way that most “real” women cannot even imagine.

In my way back after that second time, the darkness of reality started to settle in, and the sadness of the moment by a cup of coffee and a cigarette was brought by the memories of her words that told me she didn’t want to get in between a married man and his family. I don’t know if it was a clever way to say: “I don’t like you” or maybe “you’re not what I’m looking for” but that was the last time we met.

She gave me a moment of humanity and allowed me to feel that some of the pleasures of the flesh can still happen in my life, and unfortunately sometimes we find someone just to let them go because it simply cannot be.

I hope she found the man of her dreams, that would make her happy physically and emotionally as she deserves, and would let her feel loved as the woman she is, without restrictions or questioning about her born sexuality.