The Difficult Points

009   2013-03-23    02   02 Physical Changes                    The Difficult Points

When it comes to really look like a woman while having a man’s body, it seems there are so many things that have to be considered and worked on. But perhaps the three more complex to solve are the voice, the face and the weight, in that specific order.

Most of the other elements to work on seem to be more manageable with “cover ups” that can hide the truth. A wig to have long hair; dresses to hide the body, and especially the genitals, fake boobs under the clothing, manners and ways to walk to disguise the man under those clothes.

From the three more complex to solve:

Voice- I can say that in my case (fortunately) I never spoke loud, and people even complain that I speak so quietly that they can’t hear me; so the adaptation to a woman’s voice is not easy, but at least I have an advantage compared with those guys with a deep and loud voice.

Face- I guess it’ll be a matter of shaving very well and then using make up in the proper way, so to disguise the darkness of the beard, and show a smooth face.

Weight- Shit! That is a tough one. It should be one of the easiest to fix and keep under control, but one thing is to say it, another is to do it…one third of the population of the United States can testify on that!

So I guess it’ll be a matter of paying special attention to those three, while working in all the other aspects of the transformation. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.