007   2013-03-21    01   06 Fiction Stories                         Rejected


After so long trying to be the kind he supposed to be in order to pertain to someone and/or something, society showed him the reality he has to live for the rest of his life.

He has been rejected!

There is a way to be in order to pertain; there’s no such thing as freedom of personality and the possibility of self expression in a world where standards have to be met and attitudes kept.

So he took the long way out in search for another place, away from society and its rules of discrimination against those who dare to be different, even if it’s not their own decision.

The dirt road to nowhere was the perfect place to start the journey of going to find his destiny, and he followed it at a slow paced walk while thinking of all that could have been.

Walking in solitude, walking as he is, naked for the world to see, as a last act of rebellion against the unforgiving society he didn’t choose to be born in.

The path extended in front to show him the adventure and tribulation that should await him in the journey ahead in his confused life.

No more sad feeling, no more anger, not a single drop of bad feelings for what was lived before and now left behind, just the sincere thoughts of walking ahead in the last attempt to find that perfect place, that promised land, the place where he could become, where he could finally be himself, honest and truthful to his beliefs and feelings.

He kept walking for hours and days, until his figure disappear from everyone’s view and became just a memory soon to be forgotten for the others, the normal ones.

In the distance, somewhere in time and space, he must be still walking away, in search of his private promised land; the place he will not be a rejected one and finally feel at home.